Steps to Forgiveness

Use the five steps to forgiveness below to forgive someone who was hurt or offended you in some way.

You can also use these forgiveness steps to learn how to forgive yourself for any regrets that you may have.

Five Steps to Forgiveness

1. Choose a forgiveness exercise to do

To prepare for this forgiveness session decide ahead of time which forgiveness exercise you want to do.

2. Find a quiet place to practice forgiveness

To begin your forgiveness session, it is important to find or create a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.

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Ideally it's nice to practice forgiveness in a space that comforts you. If you are indoors, you can create a nurturing, sacred space by lighting a candle.

If you are outdoors, nature naturally creates a sacred space for you. You may find that being in a peaceful outdoor spot makes it easier to feel connected to your heart, the divine and to your intention to forgive.

While it's nice to create and choose an intentional space to practice forgiveness, it's not necessary. You can practice forgiveness anywhere. For example, if something comes up during your day and you are away from home, you can practice forgiveness in your car or if you are desperate, you can even slip into a bathroom (where you definitely won’t be interrupted). The point is that forgiveness can be practiced just about anywhere, at any time and it can be practiced throughout the day when needed.

3. Centering and Asking for Spiritual Assistance

Wherever you may be practicing forgiveness, this step helps you to create a sacred space (internally and externally) in an instant. Center yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Inhale peace and exhale your frustration or the difficult emotions that you may be feeling. You can do this until you feel a shift or until you feel your body relax.

As you learn how to forgive someone (including forgiving yourself), it is helpful to remember that you don’t need to do this forgiveness work alone. You can consciously partner with the higher power of whatever you’re spiritual or religious beliefs may be, to assist you in the forgiveness process.

You may find it meaningful to say a prayer or to do a brief meditation and ask for the spiritual assistance that you desire. If needed, ask for the support and courage that you may need and to see the situation or person in a different light or from a different perspective. Ask for a miracle to happen within your own heart.

4. Do your Chosen Forgiveness Exercise

This is where you do the forgiveness exercise that you chose in Step 1.

5. Close in Gratitude

After you complete your chosen forgiveness exercise, pause to give thanks (to yourself for taking the time to do this important work, to the person who gave you something to forgive, and if you asked for Spiritual Assistance acknowledge that support and express your appreciation). Feel your heart filling with gratitude as you close your session.

Forgiveness is a big step and it's not always easy but it's hugely important. Learn more about the importance of forgiveness and why it's worth taking the time to do.

Also, if you find these 5 Steps to Forgiveness to be helpful, I would love to hear more about how they helped you. If you want to share, please contact me here.

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